Bravo Company (B COY) is often referred to as The Unit’s fighting company. If considering joining The Unit, a position in B COY is the position you are applying for.

Consisting of 2 full Rifle Platoons and a Support platoon – which is made up of a section of 60mm mortars, C6 General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG’s), and a reconnaissance detachment (Recce Det) the company itself is well balanced in terms of firepower, and capabilities.

Soldiers in B COY are expected to hone their skills, and prepare for overseas operations or OP’s. Hence, it is here, that soldiers not only follow, but also build COY SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for any contingency that may come up.


Training for soldiers in the rifle Platoon’s can run a wide range of ops from search and cordon ops to raids and ambushes. Soldiers must possess a wide range of knowledge about all types or operations, whether Urban, Mountain, or Patrolling. Support Platoon soldiers constantly train on their respective support weapons or specialized tasks. Members are expected to know their mortars/GPMG’s like the backs of their hands. Recce Det members will go over SOP’s, orders for upcoming exercises, or “actions on” drill rehearsals. “Actions on” drills are actions taken by recce soldiers when certain situations occur on their patrol for example “Actions on” Contact with the enemy, “Actions on” Reaching their objective, etc. Soldiers in Bravo Company are constantly challenged to meet their mission objectives.