Originally from Bridgetown, Prince Edward Island, David Campbell studied history, classics, and fine arts at the University of Prince Edward Island (BA); Egyptology at the University of Toronto (MA); and military/diplomatic history at the University of Calgary (PhD). He has been teaching courses at the Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, since 2006.

David’s research interests lie mainly in the social and operational history of armed forces, with a special focus on Canada’s army during the First World War. Additional interests lie in the regional development of Canada’s armed forces and the influence of culture and memory in public commemoration of military experience. He has published works dealing with recruitment, tactical development, and social dynamics in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War. Shortly after, Dr Campbell completed his doctoral dissertation on the 2nd Division, CEF, the Argyll Regimental Foundation (ARF) commissioned him to write a history of the 19th Battalion, CEF, which was in the 2nd Division.

The manuscript has been edited and the ARF hopes it will be published in the late fall of 2016.

Consolidating advance trenches at Vimy Ridge