The Regiment Is Actively Recruiting Now!


If you’re ready for the challenge of a lifetime, the Army Reserve will give you the skills and the training you’ll need to live, move, and fight in any conditions, anywhere on earth.

Four Simple Steps to Join

  1. Contact Sgt Aaron Pidzmecky at OR, or call 905-972-4000, ext. 4003, to book a one-on-one information session.
  2. Attend an information session and get answers to all of your questions.
  3. Return a completed application package to the Argylls.
  4. Attend and pass testing at the local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.

Find Out More

The Recruiting Officer is available on Wednesdays from 1900 to 2200 hours for an informative one-on-one experience to help you decide if a part-time military career with the Argylls is for you.

Wednesdays, 1900-2100 hrs
Argyll Recruiting Office, The Armouries
200 James St N, Hamilton ON L8R 2L1

Open House sessions include touring the Armouries training facilities to watch troops undergoing real training. There is always plenty of time for Q&A, and you will receive a comprehensive information kit packed with details about:

  • Part-time Military Career
  • Pay, Promotion and Training Opportunities
  • The Regiment
  • Training Schedule

Family members and friends are very welcome to attend.

Our goal: Give you everything you need to make an informed decision about an exciting and well-paid part-time career as a Soldier in one of Canada’s storied Regiments.

To book an Open House appointment, call 905.972.4000 ext. 4168, or email us at

Basic Eligibility for the Army Reserves

Canadian citizen

At least 16 years at time of enrolment

Grade 10 education