The Argylls were a family way of life for Rick Kennedy, and he joined the Argyll cadet corps at age 14. Educated at McMaster University, he possesses a degree in geography; he is, for example, able to explain the difference, should one wonder, between an esker and a drumlin and, for most of his life, he has navigated his way from home to work successfully. A planner by instinct and temperament, Rick has been a wealth management adviser most of his adult life, with a successful business in Hamilton and Burlington. 

Soldiering, the profession of arms, is his other calling and one that he has fully enjoyed.  The life of an officer in the Army Reserve is demanding - a full-time professional commitment done on a part-time basis. Col Kennedy is one of the few officers in the history of the Argylls to have commanded the Regiment twice. Since handing over command, Rick has been one of the handful of primary movers in every Regimental initiative from the 1980s to the present; he carries out each appointed task as fast as his little feet will carry him. His commitment to a task is unparalleled; his loyalty to the Regiment, the Army, and his community is beyond reproach. 

Rick lives in Hamilton with his lovely wife, Linda Gail Kennedy. He has three wonderful adult children: Callum, Caitlin, and Eimilidh.