The Argyll Field of Remembrance

The Field of Remembrance recognizes the service of Argylls past, present, and future, in peace and war. From 1903 to the present:

  • 1,374 have given their lives, 1914–1918
  • 285 have given their lives, 1940–1946
  • 1 has given his life, 2014

In November 1918, the Pipes and Drums of the 19th Battalion, CEF, played victorious Canadian troops across the Rhine River at the end of the First World War. In July 1946, the Argyll Pipes and Drums led the Canadian representation in the victory parade in Berlin. Argylls served on peacekeeping and UN missions from the 1970s on and, most recently, in Afghanistan. In October 2014, an Argyll was killed while standing ceremonial guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa.

The poppy is the iconic symbol of remembrance; the Argyll Poppy commemorates the lives and service of fallen Argylls. As part of the current capital campaign of the Argyll Regimental Foundation, each poppy purchased will commemorate one of the 1,660 who have fallen, and each poppy purchased will help to populate the Argyll Field of Remembrance.

The Argyll Commemorative Pavilion


Full resolution version of the Pavillion

Bay Front Park, Hamilton, Ontario

Painted by Lorraine M. DeGroote

Donations to the ARF Campaign

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Donation Information

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