There are three ways to purchase a commemorative poppy to be added to the Field of Remembrance.
Option 1. Buy a poppy online via PayPal to appear immediately.
  1. Please enter your email address in the box at right and press “Submit Email.”
  2. Complete the form that appears at right, according to the following steps.

    If the individual being honoured was an Argyll, search for the name in the Roll of Honour. An alphabetical list appears with a search box.

    If your honouree’s name appears, click “Buy a poppy” in the right-hand column. Details are added automatically to the entry form; edit the name so that it is not in reverse order. Click the button below the form that says “Update Details.”

    If your honouree’s name is not in the Roll of Honour or if you wish to honour a soldier other than an Argyll, go back to the “Buy a Poppy form” and complete.

  3. Choose one of the methods of payment. Your name and email are required to complete payment.

  4. View your poppy in the Field of Remembrance. A flag will temporarily indicate where to click.
  5. You can review your poppy and payment status at My Poppy List. You can also revise the text by choosing “Update Poppy.” Below the form you will now see “Request Editing Key.” Click it and follow the instructions just above, in “What is an editing key?”
Option 2. Buy a poppy by phone at 905-526-0485 or toll-free at 1-888-588-0444. It will be added as soon as possible.
Option 3. Buy a poppy by mail using the ARF Donor Card. It will be added as soon as possible.